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just a quick Kaisoo fanart ^^

(I really hate drawing chibis but feels ;AAAA;)

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Anonymous asked: "i've never had a wet dream about exo but i always imagine kaisoo doing their stuff when i'm bored, ya know horny Jongin :\"
and I declared:


heheheh yes

-Admin M

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 Kaisoo {Inspired by !} 

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Minseok’s flawlessness

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Everyone’s hate for EXO & SM is getting out of hand. It’s funny because I know for a fact that when ‘WINNER’ and the new JYP group debut, their album sales will go through the roof and they’ll win a bunch of awards and people are gonna say it’s cause of their hard work, which is true. But then they’re still gonna go ahead and undermine EXO for winning awards cause apparently SM helps them “cheat.” Yeah, uhm, album sales and such determine music show awards, not by “most deserving artist of the week” or “this is how much your company paid us to let you win.” If EXO had a pre-debut show like WIN, you’d see how hard they worked just like Team A and Team B. But NOO. Apparently, if you come from SM, you’re handed a box with fame, talent, awards and popularity and all YOU need to bring is looks! Seriously, grow up. Some of you are just so ignorant that it’s disgusting. And don’t go assuming that I’m an EXO fan and I sound annoying, cause in fact I’m a Baby and even I’m annoyed with all the hate they’re getting for NO APPARENT REASON.

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kyungsoo is the shortest member of exo and he looks like a baby penguin with his heart shaped lips and huge round eyes but he’s actually in charge of punishment and beats the shit out of the other members when they don’t behave and this is why i have trust issues

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chanyeol talking about baekhyun’s sleeping habit

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